Access files on your server from
any browser or mobile device
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A professional online file navigation system

Web File Viewer is a compact yet powerful script that displays the files and folders on your server. The content is displayed in a collapsible tree view so you can quickly locate, view, share, and download the files you need. When you upload a file via FTP, it is instantly available in the Web File Viewer interface: your very own online file explorer!

Access your files anywhere: Use the feature-rich web browser interface, or use a mobile device to access the streamlined tree view version. Secure your files: Two security modes help you control who has access to your files. Password protected browsing and .htaccess support. Multi user accounts: The Pro version allows you to create separate logins and set permissions on the upload and subfolder creation features Super easy to install: Just drop one Web File Viewer script file in whichever directory you want to make browsable, and voila! Instant browsable folders.Professional interface: Put a professional face on your server. Here is an example of a directory view before and after installing Web File Viewer:

Extremely simple to use, Web File Viewer will transform your website into a professional file explorer. It requires only a server running PHP and your existing web browser or mobile phone.
"I needed a way for our customers to log into our website and quickly download files from our FTP server. Web File Viewer was exactly what we needed!"
-Steve, Houston TX
"We were up and running in seconds and we didn't need to program anything- we dropped the file in and it just worked."
-Elizabeth, Austin TX
Version 1.0.2 Released 5/28/08
Version 1.0 Released 4/1/08
PRO Version 2.0 Released 3/25/09
Web File Viewer requires a web server running Apache and PHP. If you are running IIS, we highly reccomend WebFileExplorer, which is an outstanding web based file manager that allows you to share and manage all your website's files and folders: WebFileExplorer
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